The Alchemist Within…

Chemistry is about many things: it is about the identification of chemicals, the physical properties and interactions between chemicals, and the synthesis of chemicals, most especially the synthesis. It is a science central to our way of life. I would argue against the Aristotelian view that chemistry lies between physics and biology. Rather there is … More The Alchemist Within…

Oh Captain! My Captain!

The Open Networked Learning community was a wonderful learning experience. Reflecting on this time, I can acknowledge the following for each of the five topics: I learnt how to evaluate my own digital residence and especially the contrast in how I consider residency dependent on whether my online presence is personal or professional. I learnt … More Oh Captain! My Captain!

Salomon’s House

“The end of our foundation is the knowledge of causes, and secret motions of things; and the enlarging of the bounds of human empire to the effecting of all things possible.” Francis Bacon (New Atlantis, 1627) The ubiquity of technology in the modern world obliges us as educators to integrate technology into the education of … More Salomon’s House

A Simple Migration

“And the simpler the Migration, the more must the instance be valued.” Francis Bacon (Novum Organum, 1620) Why blended learning and in particular flipped classroom? I have been teaching using a flipped classroom approach since 2012 and I have had a good deal of success both in terms of student engagement and improved student learning … More A Simple Migration

Relinquishing the Idols of the Cave

In Novum Organum (1620), Francis Bacon outlined the intellectual fallacies of his time. Fallacies that he evocatively labelled idols. Idols held in the mind baselessly receiving veneration. Among these were the Idols of the Cave. Those that arise within the mind of the individual. Their thoughts roaming this dark cavern. The danger for the individual arises when the … More Relinquishing the Idols of the Cave

On the Open Seas

The openness of the internet is an accepted norm. Students in higher education today do not see this openness as radical. They have had access to Wikipedia for almost their entire education. Companies born of the internet see openness as a quality of the system that drives innovation. They understand that attempts to make the internet … More On the Open Seas